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Curtains Dubai is the uncrowned master in supplying curtains, blinds, and the finest window treatments for almost a decade. Our Curtains shop in Dubai makes curtains depending on the clients’ requirements for customized service. So, we are providing complete customization of options to coincide with the client’s requirements. Besides product tailoring, we provide a guaranteed service guarantee for those consumers who believe in quality. The Curtains Dubai provides made-to-measure curtains and many curtain accessories. They are directly made from designer fabrics from leading designers.

We specialize in professionally crafted curtains. They are available in the widest variety of fabric designs, headings, and linings. With nearly 2,000 fabrics, you won’t find this extensive array anywhere else on the internet. Each fabric for curtains UAE is hand-picked by us. So, we are assured of the design and quality of our made-to-measure Curtains Dubai. And other window treatments for home improvement.

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Best Curtains Designs and Durabilty Guarantee

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Best Windows Treatment for Your Style in Budget

Here at Curtains Dubai, we believe in up-to-date quality. As we know, window treatments set the stylistic tone of a room in the way of design. They affect the sun and warmth in an area. And supply you with the ever-crucial solitude from passersby and acquaintances.

Are you currently looking for privacy in your ensuite? Are you dreaming of darkness in your bedroom? Looking for light and softness in your living space? These are the questions to consider when buying your window coverings.

However, of course, we are doing the job for you. And discussing our best window blinds, window shades, and searchable modern window treatments that you search for in your House.

Curtains Dubai

Add Value To Your Office, Home And Kitchen

We would like you to have Curtains Dubai that matches your windows! It appears to be a strange thing to say: indeed, all curtain retailers need this?. Our Curtains Dubai will add a finishing touch to your windows. We are the only curtain retailer in Dubai that provides alterations on ready-made curtains. Such as office curtains, kitchen curtains, and others to value your space.

Due to our curtain producers presence on-site. We are able to supply you with ready-made online curtains and blinds in a really short period of time. You won’t wait for anymore for your window coverings. As we just quote around five working days for delivery of your ready-made curtains, if they are adjusted or not!


Curtains Dubai offers all kinds of interior design services. Curtain Hanging and Fixing is something that we specialize in. We provide free samples and customized designs. Based on the interior design requirements of clients.

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Our Company Provides Free Curtains Fixing & Installation Service. We Deliver in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE.

As a professional curtains & blinds distributor, we have a team that fulfills all your demands regarding curtains.

We can provide you with a special design if you’re not finding it yet. Just let us know and we’ll provide it for you.

We offer free home visits and free measurements at your doorstep. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or email and one of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.
It is very easy to get a customized order with us. We can provide your custom order with great care.
It is our pleasure to provide you with any kind of sample you might require. Order Now !  Tel: +971 50 156 2524
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Types of Curtains Dubai, UAE

To help treat your window to something pretty and beautiful, we provide the best curtain picks for every style, budget and function.

 The types of curtains we are offering to our customers are:

  •         Sheer curtains
  •         Silk curtains
  •         Blackout curtains Dubai
  •         Motorized curtains

Sheer curtains

Our sheer curtain panels offer you zero privacy but usher in natural light and give weightless glow in the space of your room.  They help to embrace the sunlight and soften your space in one fell swoop with plenty of features.

Silk curtains

Here at Curtains Dubai, we deliver the high quality curtains of silk fabric type either its thermal or not with expendable features.  For your window treatments, the curtains are made up of 100% polyester which can block out light weight and insulate against all kinds of weather with smooth pull while opening and closing.

Blackout Curtains UAE

The blackout curtains Dubai  we are providing can fit in any bedroom design or other room because they help to block the sunlight and give complete privacy and darkness that promotes restful sleep.

Motorized Curtains

Our Motorized Curtains Dubai Add Value To Your Home. They add value to a House and make you feel comfy. You can also open or shut them together with your Mobile telephone. There’s a motor attached to motorized curtains Abu Dhabi, UAE which makes them able to start and shut in a specified time.


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We Love To Talk About Blinds Offerings

We are dedicated to offering you the curtains and blinds Dubai we want to buy from us.  Curtains Dubaii are all about, made to measure, made simple and budget friendly window treatments.

 As we are with you on this statement, blinds are one of the elements of home décor that you can’t ignore. Bright and bright blinds will certainly cheer up any space and give you energy for anything you are working on. If you want to give your apartment a fresh look that helps to ward off old thoughts of yourself, who is also the one that needs to look forward?

Not you. With the assistance of our many new and modern designs such as blackout blinds, office blinds and motorized blinds, you are sure to look great and achieve the dream look, and that’s why living it up with our blinds Dubai is the best way forward.

Modern Curtains Dubai

We’re Help to You in Curtains Selection

We understand how vital it is to speak with someone knowledgeable and experienced about your curtain order, so we are available, willing, and able to respond to all email and phone inquiries. Everyone at Curtains Dubai who answers the phone or sends you an email has at least 10 years of curtain retail expertise, so you can be assured that we will be able to assist you in selecting the right curtains and blinds!

Having our seamstresses on-site also means that if you have any questions or special requirements concerning office curtains, kitchen curtains, or any other drapery, we can speak with the ladies directly and get answers quickly and precisely.

Blinds Dubai

Why Prefer Us?

Curtains Dubai has experience of many years with professionally delivering and manufacturing Curtain blinds for the people of Dubai. We are one of the leading stores in Dubai which not only offer window treatments but also provide fixing and installation at a very minimal cost.

 As a #1 curtains supplier in Dubai, we have a wide collection of different styles, colors, designs, and themes for your place curtains and blinds. Please call us any time, as we are available to guide you and help in any case of emergency willingly.

For more information about our curtains services, you can check the video below. 

Best Curtains Accessories At Our Store

To give the wonderful look to your space, we offer window framing that can beautifully define your style and enhance your lifestyle.

We offer stylish and modern curtain accessories to our customers in Dubai. The types of curtains accessories are:

Curtains Poles

We give the standard ready-made curtains pole that will fit your curtains within a reasonable price.

Curtains Rods

Our curtain rods are made up on the basis of material and weight of your curtains, either it’s thick or thin fabric of curtains. One important thing to keep in mind is that thicker types of rods are more durable than thin rods.

 Double Curtain Rods

The double curtain rods we provide allow you to handle two layers of curtains. This gives your window a designer Appearance and Helps add dimension into the window.

Curtains tie back

Curtains Tie back we use to help in order to increase flow of light in a room. We provide the versatile collection of this curtain tie back to our customers in Dubai.

Curtains Hook

Give your curtains the smooth pull and loose with our curtain hook that are used to attach a curtain to a curtain rail.

Curtains Rails

 We offer you the flexibly deployable curtains rails suitable for any type of ceiling or wall.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who Are We?

We are a curtain supplier and manufacturer in Dubai with best quality curtains, blinds and other window treatments. 

Is it necessary for me to hang curtains on all of my windows?

Curtains should be chosen in accordance with your overall design theme. Purchasing drapes for all of your ground floor windows is recommended if you want to create a more pleasant home environment.

When Should You Replace Your Home Window Curtains?

Because temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, it is recommended that you change your curtains every season. You can, however, wash and re-hang the same sets of curtains if you wish.

What is the best way to determine the size of curtain rod to purchase?

To calculate the size rod you’ll need, measure the width of your window frame from the top.

What Kinds Of Bedroom Curtains Provide Privacy?

The most comfort would come from blackout curtains that create a dark, sleep-friendly environment. They also reduce noise, which is perfect.

Are there any sun-blocking curtains?

Yes. When it comes to curtains, there are various thickness levels that govern the quantity of light that may be blocked.

What's the Difference Between Blinds and Curtains?

Curtains are fabric panels that are usually supplied in sets of two. Curtains come in a variety of widths, lengths, fabrics, colours, and patterns, making them a versatile and popular option for any area of the house, including bathrooms and kitchens. Blinds, like shades, are raised and lowered by a cord or lifting mechanism. However, blinds are not a continuous piece of fabric.